Rizzo of the Yankees hopes Judge re-signs “for the sake of the game”

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Now that Anthony Rizzo has made the decision to continue playing for the New York Yankees, he hopes that Aaron Judge will also choose to remain with the team.

Just for the sake of the competition, I really hope Judge remains “”because you see a lot of franchise legends not receiving what they deserve for the club that they have done so much for,” Rizzo said on Wednesday.

After rejecting a player option for $16 million the previous week, Rizzo reached an agreement on Tuesday to sign a two-year deal worth $40 million.

“Both Emily, my wife, and I are really enjoying ourselves here. We are big fans of the city. We adore the lively atmosphere. We adore Yankee Stadium. Going to Yankee Stadium and playing at that stadium on a daily basis is something that we look forward to “Rizzo remarked. “And if you look at the squad, the New York Yankees are a team that, this organization, this franchise, has routinely put winning products out on the field,” you can say that statement.

Rizzo will receive $17 million in each of the following two seasons, and the agreement for the first baseman includes a $17 million team option for 2025 with a $6 million buyout if the team chooses not to exercise it.

Rizzo heard from Judge, who is still available to sign with any team, after the agreement was reached

“I just wanted to offer my congrats and say the obvious: ‘Well earned. I am overjoyed for you. “Say hello to Emily,” Rizzo recalled in his head.

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He finished with a batting average of.224, had 75 runs batted in, and blasted 32 home runs for the fourth time in his career. At Yankee Stadium, he blasted 19 home runs, including six that were within a few feet of the right-field foul line.

Rizzo stated that he has not experienced any issues with his back throughout the summer exercises.

Rizzo was a key contributor to the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series in 2016, which was the franchise’s first championship in 108 years. The Cubs acquired Rizzo from the Chicago Cubs at the trade deadline in 2021.

“In a market of this size, simply being good at baseball isn’t enough. “That entails a great deal of other responsibilities, all of which I take pleasure in carrying out,” he explained. “I get a kick out of accepting responsibility for doing such things, like standing up to talk to the media whether they’re being positive, negative, or neutral.

And I think that teaches you a very good deal about this baseball game, in addition to teaching you important principles that you can apply to your own life. When you’re performing well, your teammates, the media, your friends, and literally everyone else thinks you’re the best thing ever and they can’t get enough of you. When things start to go wrong, though, that is when you discover the true self.”

He refused to provide any specifics on the other clubs that had approached him. despite the fact that he did not participate in any face-to-face meetings.

Rizzo has stated that when teams reach out to them during this process, it just makes them feel good. “I get the impression that in this game, you are taught what you do not do very well, so that when teams contact you in free agency, they laud you,”

Next season, there will be limits placed on defensive shifts, according to him.

He stated, “I’m hoping, obviously optimistically, like every lefty, I feel like I get extremely influenced by the shifts, as a lot of lefties around the league.” “I feel like I get very affected by the shifts, as a lot of lefties around the league.” “Those perhaps pointless little singles that get in the hole there, I feel like make a lot of us lefties into a really dangerous batter.” [Case in point:] “Those maybe meaningless little singles that get in the hole there.”

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