What Is Invisalign And How Much It Costs

Many of us suffer from tooth or teeth that are not properly formed. This could be due to many reasons and therefore the need of the hour is to set it right. While there are other options including metal braces, many people prefer Invisalign for getting over this problem. This is not a very old procedure and technology. However, within a short period of time, it has become extremely popular and it has literally swept the orthodontics world. The biggest reason for choosing Invisalign is perhaps mentioned in the name itself. People hate metal braces because they are ugly and not good to look at. In a world where looks and appearances matter a lot, there are reasons to believe that Invisalign could make a big difference. You can set the problem right by not letting the whole world know that you have a problem. The growth of this procedure and technology has been quite astounding and it obviously has some advantages which make it very popular. Hence we will spend some time getting to know more about it and also look at the cost and other commercial factors.

How Do They Work?

Invisalign is virtually invisible and it does not have any metal braces. Each Invisalign OKC is custom made depending on the shape and size of your teeth and other factors. They basically resemble a set of trays and each set slowly shifts the teeth and ensures that they are in place. Each of the trays has to be manufactured. This will make sure that the teeth are straighter as compared to the previous tray. Though it could vary, in most cases, your teeth could move around 0.25 mm per tray. The tray set will get replaced every two weeks and when this gets done over a prescribed period of time, the teeth will move towards its ideal position.


The timeline for Invisalign is quite long and for an average adult, it could move on for as much as 12 months. This, however, could be less depending on the severity and complexity of each and every case. The treatment time will be different for young children when compared to adults. The doctors sit with the patients and discuss the whole process and customize the Invisalign plan taking into account specific needs and requirements. In some cases, the Invisalign could also have attachments for furthering your smile. In many cases, composite bumps which are tooth-colored are also placed on the teeth. This helps the aligner to work even better and ensure that the teeth grasp is better.

What Problems Can It Address

Invisalign could be useful for addressing a number of problems including underbites, overbites, the gap between teeth, and also crowded teeth. These defects need to be corrected because they not only are unsightly but they also could damage your dental and oral health quite significantly. Overbites and underbites could lead to stress and pressure on the jaw. Gapped teeth could lead to infections and other sorts of problems.


Though Invisalign is a good procedure, it does cost money. The cost could vary anywhere from $3500 to $8000 depending on the OKC dentist, the quality of the facilities, the time required and so on.

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