Pros And Cons Of Root Canal Treatments

Tooth decay is a common problem for thousands of men and women. Children, elderly persons, and even youngsters are impacted by it. It could be because of bad food habits, improper dental and mouth hygiene and also because of a weak tooth, roots and gum problems. Hence, there could be a need to go in for root canal treatment. What exactly is root canal and why should you identifying the right dental professional in Oklahoma City to do the job for you. Here are a few words that could give answers to the above question. Put in plain and simple words, a root canal is a procedure that is used to fix tooth decay. Tooth fractures, infected gums, and the abscessed tooth could also lead to such problems. When the toot develops a crack or cavity because of decay, the only option left is to fill the cavity using complex and professional techniques. Food particles get stuck in the cavities and this could lead to severe pain and discomfort. Hence, you must understand the need for root canal apart from being aware of the pros and cons associated with it.

 How Is It Done

 A root canal is a commonly followed dental procedure. It is used to restore and repair damaged teeth. The main objective of root canal treatment is to prevent pain and discomfort and also prevent tooth loss and toothache. The process involves the removal of nerve and pulp that might have been infected. Then the required sealing and cleaning are done. Yes, the process is slightly painful but it is generally done using local anesthesia. If it is done by a professional dentist, it will be a durable solution to all types of dental problems. It is an inexpensive surgery and does not take too much time.

 Identifying The Right Candidates

 There are a few symptoms that could point to the need for root canal treatment. These include pain while eating, extremely sensitive to cold or heat, developing of small bumps on the gums surrounding the affected teeth and also if patients complain of inflammation of gums and extreme swelling.


Here are some common advantages of root canal procedure when done by professional dentists.

  • It prevents pain and stops the spread of infections.
  • It stops dental decay and also prevents further damage to the tooth pulp.
  • It could help save the tooth and prevent tooth extraction.
  • Balanced bit force when chewing is also possible. This helps to reduce pain when eating
  • The patients will be able to withstand sensitivity to the damaged tooth caused by heat and cold.
  • It is a cost-effective method when compared to tooth extraction and other processes.
  • It could offer a complete and total solution for a lifetime if the procedure is done well and if good oral care is maintained.


  • Risk of re-infection, discomfort, inflammation, and pain cannot be guaranteed.
  • The process is a bit uncomfortable and there could be pain and discomfort once it has been completed. This can be overcome with the help of pain killers and other such over the counter medications.
  • It has to be done by the right dental professional because missing a hidden canal or root could lead to future complications.

 Summing Up

 To sum up, there are many reasons as to why it makes sense to go in for root canal treatment at the first sign of tooth decay to avoid further complications.

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