How Can Improve your Lifestyle With Facial Implants?

A person’s face shape keeps changing throughout the course of life. It is usually rounded and full during young age, but as a person grows older, there is a shift in fat deposits and occurrence of volume loss. A disadvantage of less facial volume is that wrinkles and fine lines start appearing, and this becomes a headache for people who are concerned about how they look. Facial implants and fillers help to bring back the lost face volume, thereby erasing wrinkles and youthful curves. Here is a look at what suits a person better when going for restoring of the facial volume: implants or filler?


Facial implants is a technique used to add additional volume by filling implants in the facial tissues. It is essential that the implants are tissue compatible for better results. Such implants are available in different sizes and shapes. They are solid and can be implanted in many facial areas, but the most common sites for the placement of implants include cheeks, chin, jaw, and lips. These implants are mainly used for augmenting of a weak chin, adding definition to undefined jaws, or to make up for the mid-face volume loss.

Experts generally use facial implants to redefine the facial structure of patients having weak features and to restore the lost volume due to aging. In many patients, implants are almost permanent. They do not require re-treatment on a regular basis and can be easily cared for. Once placed, they feel similar to the natural tissues. The initial cost may be a bit on the higher side, but because its result lasts for several years, it seems less expensive as compared to fillers.


Dermal filler is another technique of having volume added to the face. Fillers are injected in small quantities into the desired areas of face. These fillers come in different formulations for causing the desired effects. Unlike the implants, dermal fillers cover a major part of face and not just a specific area. The many uses of fillers include filling hollows and wrinkles, reshaping cheeks, Cellulite Reduction,  augmenting lips, and many more. The benefits of fillers over implants are: no downtime, no permanent alteration, non-surgical, and versatile. As fillers are used for temporary effects, they require re-treatment for maintaining specific looks. Their effects can last from several months to a few years.

Generally, it seems difficult to choose between fillers & implants. But, when a person understands benefits and unique purposes of each, it becomes an easier job. A best plastic surgeons in Oklahoma suggests to go for fillers when if the customers want to add volume non-surgically. Also, with fillers, there is minimal downtime, better filling of smooth hollows, lines, wrinkles, etc. And implants are opted when the customers have a weak jawline and chin, and want to enhance their bone structure.

With implants, there is no worry of regular treatments, which attracts the customers more because no one wants to visits the surgeons regularly. And with the near-permanent and long-lasting results, both the plastic surgeons and customers achieve satisfaction. It is better to consult a plastic surgeon before going for fillers-and facial implants.