Chiropractic Services

Whether you sustained some auto injury, you have back, neck, hip or joint pain or you are experiencing pregnancy-related complications, you may need the help of a seasoned chiropractor in order to reduce or alleviate the pain and keep your body in good shape. Chiropractic care refers to the non-invasive form of healthcare which encompasses a range of treatment options. Here the chiropractor normally uses hands, mechanical devices or alternative treatments to manipulate, adjust, and realign the spinal cord, joints, nerves, and muscles to their rightful positions and speed up healing. Below are some of the services you can get at a typical chiropractic clinic:

  1. Auto Injury Treatment

If you have ever been involved in a motor vehicle accident, you definitely understand how painful and debilitating the whole ordeal can be. For instance, it may result in injuries to your head, neck, back, legs, arms and whiplash. Others include; spinal joints, the surrounding muscles and nerves. You are therefore likely to experience excruciating pain or numbness in these areas. Though some symptoms of the injury become immediately visible, others take time to manifest. Fortunately, seasoned chiropractors usually use advance chiropractic techniques to treat these conditions, relieving the body of any pain, trauma or stress and help you on your path towards recovery.

  1. Pregnancy-Related Chiropractic Services

Pregnancy and childbirth are some of the best things that could happen in the life of any woman. However, after sometime, when the child has started growing, the body will begin to adjust in order to accommodate the new changes and this may result in back pain, hip and joint pain, and pelvic pain among other conditions. However, specific chiropractic care during pregnancy usually provides greater health potential, resulting in a much easier and safer delivery. Owasso chiropractors usually use advanced techniques such as the Webster technique which enables them to correct any sacral misalignment as well as balance the pelvic muscles and ligaments, allowing the baby to get into the most ideal position for birth.

  1. Back Pain Treatment

Back pain is another common condition that can affect people of all ages even though it is more prevalent among the elderly people and pregnant women. The condition may be caused by accidents, poor sitting and sleeping positions, aging and an imbalance in the body especially during pregnancy. Besides pain, the condition may also be accompanies by other symptoms such as stiffness and numbness in the back. However, a qualified chiropractor can help correct the condition through massage therapy, use of braces, and exercises among other techniques.

  1. Sports Injury Treatment

If you are involved in high-impact sporting activities such as rugby, soccer, basketball, gymnastics or even athletics, you are likely to sustain different kinds of injuries in the course of your training or during the game or competition. However, with the help of a qualified chiropractor, such injuries can be effectively treated and your performance enhanced. Such treatment will help to;

  1. a)  Improve your strength and flexibility
  2. b) Reduce the risk of injury
  3. c) Improve your performance
  4. d) Improve your recovery rate after a sports injury and
  5. e) Reduce pain

Other services you can get from a modern and fully equipped chiropractic clinic or qualified chiropractors in Owasso Oklahoma include; health and wellness services, shoulder pain treatment, sciatica treatment, neck pain treatment among many others. They normally use advanced, safe and effective technologies and techniques that will guarantee optimum results.