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All You Need To Know About Stem Cell Transplantation

In the event of stem cells lose the ability to produce blood cells, it becomes dangerous to the health and becomes a life threatening condition. Blood cells are vital for a body to transport oxygen and other nutrients to various part of the body. Without which survival is not possible. Elderly people who are aged above 60 are prone to such condition. Stem Cell Transplant help them revive the production of blood cells by injecting the stem cells in to the body through “central venous catheter”.

Who Undergo Stem Cell Transplant?

 People who are affected by cancer or other diseases which destroy the stem cells, similarly kidney failure or diseases related to heavy blood loss might disable the stem cells which produce blood cells. Such patients are some examples, for these patients stem cell transplants are suggested by physicians depending on the body conditions.

 Time it takes for a complete Stem cell transplantation:

 Stem Cell transplant doesn’t happen in a day or two, it not like injecting blood, one have to spend weeks of time to get the regular blood count. These period includes regular checkup on improvement and after effects of stem cell transplant.

Side Effects of Stem cell Transplant:

 Stem cell transplant can be done only after doing chemotherapy or radiation. Chemo/Radiation can result in Fatigue, diarrhea, vomiting, temporary hair-loss and breathing problems. Generally people above 65 age tend to get one or more side effects which can be treated with medication.

Stem cell transplant for Cancer Treatment:

 Cancer cells are destroyed in the process of chemotherapy or radiations, likewise stem cells, white blood cells and red blood cells are destroyed. Stem cell transplant injects stem cells, it travels to the bones. These stem cells help produce blood cells, in-turn it improves the overall health to a great extent.

But in some patients, cancer cells are not completely destroyed, some cells can still be potent enough to destroy the other healthy cells. In this scenario, treating the cancer becomes very difficult and the possibilities of survival is very limited.

Autologous Stem cell transplant:

 In this type of transplant the existing stem cells are removed from your body and stored. After completing the high dose chemotherapy or radiation, your own stem cells are injected back to the system. At the same time, this type of transplant is not advisable for cancer patients as there are high probability of cancer cells collected along with stem cells.

“Purging” is the process to treat the stem cells when it is removed, but it is not a fool proof treatment.

Tandem Transplant:

 Repeating the Autologous stem cell match transplant for the second time is called as Tandem Transplant. But most doctors and scholars don’t believe in doing two transplants to a patient. Side effects and risk of cancer coming back is high in Tandem Transplant.

Allogeneic Stem cell transplant:

 This type of transplant injects other people’s stem cell in to the system. It is important that the stem cell closely matches your stem cell. Donor can be your blood relation or anybody else whose stem cell matches better. Ideal for cancer patients.

The Fit Body Travel Pack – On the Go Fitness Pack

Monica (@_fitfoodfitbody_) is the creator of the Fit Body Travel Pack. She has been a model for Chadwick for the past 14 years, Jaggad the label ambassador and the face of Pink Lady across the World. Now a full time mobile personal trainer working with women in their own home for the past three years, Monica has a back to back schedule filled with clients and some of which include Rebecca Judd.

Although her training sessions are not limited to (she does have some Male clients along with training couples), being a Mother of two herself has seen other Mums naturally gravitate towards Monica for their post pregnancy and weekly workout sessions. Her mobile service enables busy women to exercise in the comfort of their own space even with bubs by their side.

A combination of her thriving business and not being a huge fan of training within a gym herself, inspired her to create an on the go fitness pack that is accessible to anyone and everyone. Her Fit Body Travel Packs are designed for people who would like to keep fit and healthy, though may not have the time or resources to train at a gym / with a personal trainer. This compact ‘workout kit’ weighs less than 1kg and fits neatly into it’s lightweight, waterproof bag, so portable you can pop it in your hand bag, nappy bag or even your carry on. The pack contains core sliders, two booty bands, one long resistance band, skipping rope and an exercise guide to get you started. Free workout videos are uploaded weekly onto her Instagram page @fitbodytravelpack.

Even though Monica’s growing business keeps her very busy, she still finds time to be involved in some amazing projects such as ‘Nurture Her 2018’. She recently ran workout and wellness sessions alongside Libby Babet (Trainer for Channel Ten’s – The biggest Loser Transformed) at a Women only business retreat in October located in Fiji. Monica and Libby created morning workout sessions incorporating equipment from her travel packs for 160 delegates who attended the wellness and networking bization.

As her flourishing business continues to grow, Monica is currently in the process of curating some of her own exciting fitness and wellness events. If you would like to stay up to date, please head to our website or Instagram for all related info! @fitbodytravelpacks

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How Can Improve your Lifestyle With Facial Implants?

A person’s face shape keeps changing throughout the course of life. It is usually rounded and full during young age, but as a person grows older, there is a shift in fat deposits and occurrence of volume loss. A disadvantage of less facial volume is that wrinkles and fine lines start appearing, and this becomes a headache for people who are concerned about how they look. Facial implants and fillers help to bring back the lost face volume, thereby erasing wrinkles and youthful curves. Here is a look at what suits a person better when going for restoring of the facial volume: implants or filler?


Facial implants is a technique used to add additional volume by filling implants in the facial tissues. It is essential that the implants are tissue compatible for better results. Such implants are available in different sizes and shapes. They are solid and can be implanted in many facial areas, but the most common sites for the placement of implants include cheeks, chin, jaw, and lips. These implants are mainly used for augmenting of a weak chin, adding definition to undefined jaws, or to make up for the mid-face volume loss.

Experts generally use facial implants to redefine the facial structure of patients having weak features and to restore the lost volume due to aging. In many patients, implants are almost permanent. They do not require re-treatment on a regular basis and can be easily cared for. Once placed, they feel similar to the natural tissues. The initial cost may be a bit on the higher side, but because its result lasts for several years, it seems less expensive as compared to fillers.


Dermal filler is another technique of having volume added to the face. Fillers are injected in small quantities into the desired areas of face. These fillers come in different formulations for causing the desired effects. Unlike the implants, dermal fillers cover a major part of face and not just a specific area. The many uses of fillers include filling hollows and wrinkles, reshaping cheeks, Cellulite Reduction,  augmenting lips, and many more. The benefits of fillers over implants are: no downtime, no permanent alteration, non-surgical, and versatile. As fillers are used for temporary effects, they require re-treatment for maintaining specific looks. Their effects can last from several months to a few years.

Generally, it seems difficult to choose between fillers & implants. But, when a person understands benefits and unique purposes of each, it becomes an easier job. A best plastic surgeons in Oklahoma suggests to go for fillers when if the customers want to add volume non-surgically. Also, with fillers, there is minimal downtime, better filling of smooth hollows, lines, wrinkles, etc. And implants are opted when the customers have a weak jawline and chin, and want to enhance their bone structure.

With implants, there is no worry of regular treatments, which attracts the customers more because no one wants to visits the surgeons regularly. And with the near-permanent and long-lasting results, both the plastic surgeons and customers achieve satisfaction. It is better to consult a plastic surgeon before going for fillers-and facial implants.

The Difference Between Myotherapy And Physiotherapy

Even though there are many similarities, additionally, there are fundamental factors of difference between myotherapists and physiotherapists. While there is hardly any difference when it comes to the various tools and techniques they utilize to take care of numerous issues, just how they apply that equipment and methods can distinguish them considerably. This post consists of additional details about the differences between both of these remedies. Armed with these details, you will be in a position to make the best decision about the best myotherapist for your requirements.


Like physiotherapists, myotherapists use numerous types of manual therapy to ease pain and discomfort. In contrast to physiotherapists, nevertheless, they primarily provide remedial massage treatments, which do not need the individual or customer to actively take part through the program. The best myotherapists also study ultrasound and dried needling such as physiotherapists; however, they take a lot more hours of research as it pertains to dry needling. The classes of myotherapy may also involve stretches and exercises, but these are often supplementary to therapeutic massage.


Physiotherapy is a type of manual therapy that uses comparable assessment and treatment ways to clinical myotherapy but is normally less hands-on. Physiotherapists have professional training in rehabilitation, so they are suitable for serious injuries as well as conditions where surgical treatment is required, such as leg operation. Just like myotherapy, physiotherapy may also help with pain and restricted motion, although myotherapy is preferred for all those looking for an even more hands-on treatment. Physiotherapists could also suggest exercises for sufferers to do at home or when going to the gym.

Choosing The Best Therapist For You

Find a therapist who has your very best interests in mind – they would like to assist in solving your problem and offer you with the various tools to help you! An excellent therapist will not demand you see them every week, with no result seen.

Ensure that your therapist has a cure strategy for you – the approach needs to be one, which you are happy and ready to follow. Work with your therapist to help them provide you with the best treatment for your issues as well as gauging its performance. The plan will include just how many classes you will need and what you will do away from the clinic to ensure that your treatment works for you. Types of classes or sessions that they may recommend could include Pilates, Yoga, Remedial and/or Deep Tissue Massage etc.

Did your therapist talk to you? Do they pay attention to your issues and reply to your questions? Do they show you what they are having and just why?  Great conversation among therapist, is a great way to build trust in addition to teaching you about your state and exactly how best to make it.



Do not be scared to find different experienced therapists for different circumstances, or even to compliment what another therapist could be doing.  Most of all, you just need to be more comfortable with who is treating you and be assured you are getting the best treatment for your issue. If not, you need to change your therapist or therapy!

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How to Make Your Workout Session an Enjoyable One

As well all know, exercising carries a number of health benefits. In fact, exercising everyday can help you live longer and has a positive impact on one’s physical and mental health. For example, studies show that people who exercise daily are at a low risk for cardiovascular diseases. On the other hand, daily exercise can help improve one’s mood at reduces risk for depression and anxiety, helping you to carry on with your daily chores with a positive mind. Therefore, if you are considering these health benefits and are hoping to start your work out plan soon, here are 4 tips to make it an enjoyable one.

Have a Goal

Working towards a goal can motivate you to stick to your work out plan and never miss a day. At the start of your work out, you need to have a clear goal of what you need to achieve at the end of it. Every day when you work out, you need to reflect on this goal which will help you to be committed to its daily. In this manner, you can look back at be happy with your efforts once you reach your goal.

Wear Comfortable Clothes

When working out, you must always wear comfortable clothes to make it a more enjoyable session. Make sure to consider options such as womens gym wear Australia to get your gym clothes. You can choose from a variety of choices and pick your favourite design and the most suitable size. You need to ensure that your gym clothes are not too tight or not to lose. They need to be breathable and help you to move flexibly.

A Work out Partner

Another way to make your work out fun and enjoyable is to work out with a friend. This can help you to share your work out goals with them and achieve them together. In this way, you will be even more motivated to stick to your work out plan. Discuss a day and time convenient to you and your friend before scheduling your work out. However, you should also keep in mind not to get distracted by each other’s presence and to work on achieving your daily goals.

Work Out Music

Music can really make your work out a fun one. If you haven’t tried this before, it is time to create your new workout playlist on your phone or iPod. There are a number of songs available these days that help people to stay active and motivated when exercising. Make sure to search for such songs and add to your playlist. However, avoid adding slow songs and rather pick catchy and jumpy songs which is ideal for a work out.

Therefore, there are a number of ways in which you can make your work out an enjoyable and motivating session. Make sure to pick the best ways that work for you and don’t forget to stick to your goal and motivate yourself to achieve it!

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How to Relieve Mental and Physical Stress

We are all stressed out because of many different reasons. Almost every person today including children experience some level of stress on certain aspects. It is important that you take the time and the right measures needed in order to relieve this stress that gets built up in your system be it physical or mental. Carrying a lot of stress with you will only cause you to fall sick and feel depressed a lot of the time. So here are some ways in which you can reduce the level of stress in your life.

Take Time for Yourself

You should definitely have time that you dedicate only for yourself and for your benefit. You should not think of it as wasting time even if all your really do is just fall asleep during that time. If you are falling asleep it is perhaps what your body needs and it is your body’s way of telling you that. You could also go for a massage pakenham or any other location that you are living in. Physical therapies such as these have a very positive effect on both your mind and your soul and help you to reduce your level of stress. If you keep doing this once a month or so you will definitely start to feel the improvement in your health and in your general outlook towards life.


Stay Active As Much As You Can

You should never fall into a completely sedentary lifestyle. Not only is it unhealthy, it will also increase the levels of stress that you have by locking you into a feeling of being imprisoned in your own self. When you stay active be it through exercise or by doing something that you enjoy, you will not only stay fit but you will also be constantly in a feel good state of mind and a positive outlook. Exercise and activity release endorphins in our system that will take away all feelings of stress and depression. Do not get used to a routine where you are going to work, coming home, eating, watching television and sleeping.

Eat Well

You should not starve yourself with the aim of losing weight. There are healthy ways in which you can lose weight and depriving yourself of food is not something that can be included in that list. When you starve yourself or keep consuming food and drinks that are harmful to your system, you will have a higher risk of getting stress and anxiety. Things like too much alcohol, nicotine, and other substances will do this to you along with unnecessary amounts of junk food and the likes. Eat things that are good for your system always and try to eat the recommended daily dose of food items.

Sleep Well

Sleep is another factor that has to do with stress. If you are stressed it could be because you are pushing your body without giving it proper rest. Adults are required to sleep at least 8 hours a day so make sure that you give yourself that. Sleeping during the daytime is not really healthy either unless it is just a quick power nap only. You can use soothing music such as meditation music to fall asleep better –

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What is Female Sexual Dysfunction?

A quarter of women are affected by FSD at some point in their lives. Find out the facts now!

Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD) disorder covers four conditions: lack of sensitivity or ability to be aroused, called female sexual arousal disorder; inability to have an orgasm, known as female orgasmic disorder; and pain during sex (which may be due to vulvodynia, endometriosis, or cystitis).

It afflicts up to a quarter of women at some point in their lives. The inability to climax can lead to a build-up of blood around the womb, heavy bleeding and even back pain. If you have trouble becoming aroused, find sex painful and don’t lubricate, then speak to your doctor for diagnosis and advice.

See what Dr Charmaine Saunders says about sexual dysfunction in men and find out the health benefits of sex.

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Coconut water – the perfect hangover cure!

Had too many New Year’s Eve cocktails? A dash of coconut is just what you need to banish your hangover.

ADD TO CART: We love the sweet taste of Kokomo natural coconut water, with just 274kJ per 330ml tetra pack, $2.50,

Coconut water contains five essential electrolytes including potassium, to restore the toasted body’s water balance. Its lauric acid can also help with stomach cramps.

Smoothie recipe for hangovers:

  •     2 cups of unsweetened coconut water
  •     2 cups of ripe mango (if out of season use frozen)
  •     2–3 tbsp of fresh lime juice
  •     ½ cup of ice
  •     2 sprigs of fresh mint

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Improve Your Look Dramatically With Plastic Surgery

Are you not satisfied with your look? Do you find it hard to mix with people for your appearance? We are living in a world where look matters a lot. If you are a bit look conscious, you will feel terribly bad if you find your nose & eyelid surgery, and even the body parts are not properly made. In fact, it might affect your confidence and self-esteem. The result is obvious. You will not be able to progress in your career. The restrictions in your mind will be a great hurdle. If you are going through this phase, you can try skin care & plastic surgery to find a suitable solution for your problem.

What is skin care & plastic surgery?

Different types of skin care treatments are available to deal with a specific skin condition. All skin care treatments do not involve a plastic surgery. Your dermatologist can suggest you some products to treat the signs of aging, dry skin, and a few other skin abnormalities. However, you might need a plastic surgery in Edmond when the products do not fit your needs.

What is a plastic surgery?

It’s a surgical procedure that deals with reconstruction, repair, or replacement of physical defects. It can correct different types of abnormalities including skin, maxillofacial structures, breast implants & augmentation, fillers-and-facial, extremities, hands, and external genitalia. Plastic surgery has become so popular for a last couple of decades. Now it is not limited to celebrities and privileged people. Anyone can consider a plastic surgeons Okc to correct a flat nose, lip, or any other structural defects that affect the look and confidence. In addition, plastic surgery has become affordable.

What are the complications associated with plastic surgery?

The complications are minimal to nil if you are a healthy person. Any healthy person can go with plastic surgery without expecting any severe side effect. However, you need to consult an experienced and reliable surgeon to maximize the benefits and to minimize the associated risks. If you are suffering from any chronic disease and you are in your old age, then it is better to discuss your medical history with the surgeon to know about the possible complications.

When it comes to the side effects, there might be swelling and discomfort for a few days. Your doctor will offer some post-care treatment that you need to follow for a couple of days after a treatment.

What are the pros and cons of a plastic surgery?

Plastic surgery is considered ideal to correct any defect. You can also contact a plastic surgeon to deal with aging problems. When done right, a plastic surgery can restore your confidence and look forever. Plastic surgery can boost the natural augments of body contouring in such a way that it can complement to your look.

When done wrong, a plastic can have negative impacts. Instead of serving your purpose, it can decrease your image and that is going to affect your confidence. You can expect oversized breasts, lips, and buttocks. A good and experienced plastic surgeon is able to enhance your unique look. You can get a celebrity like look within a couple of weeks.

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Brown rice porridge

Health coach Stephanie Douglas has a recipe for turning last night’s leftovers into a wholesome breakfast porridge

Q: I’m trying to eat healthier and add more whole grains to my diet, especially at breakfast, but it seems like the only option is oatmeal. I want something warm and nourishing but I also don’t want to gain weight this winter. Another problem I have is with brown rice. I try to cook it but end up throwing out the leftovers. Do you have any advice?
– Natalie, WA

A: Bravo for trying to include more whole grains in your daily diet! Unlike refined grains such as white bread, rice and pasta, whole grains still have their endosperm and outer layer in tact. These features of the grains are rich in both fibre and B vitamins. Eating these will not only result in a vitamin packed meal but they help you feel fuller for longer – great if you’re watching your weight. Here is a recipe that puts that leftover rice to use and also serves as a healthy, delicious, comforting winter meal.

Leftover Brown Rice Porridge

•    1 cup cooked brown rice
•    2 tbsp water
•    2 tbsp sultanas
•    1 tbsp oats
•    1 tbsp honey
•    1 banana
•    Dash of cinnamon
•    Slivered or whole almonds (optional)
•    Almond or soy milk to serve (optional)

Bring oats to the boil with water and add cooked rice. Add sultanas, banana and honey and simmer until warmed through. For a crunchy texture and nutty flavour, add slivered or whole raw almonds. Serve with almond milk, organic milk or soy milk and a dash of cinnamon.  Decorate with your favourite fruit, such as berries or chopped nectarines.

Stephanie is an AADP certified health coach and blogger at

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